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'KozyEpi' Epipen Pouches - product list

These Epipen Pouches come in a range of gorgeous colours, are well built and user-friendly for anyone required to carry an Epipen.

The pouch is designed to hold two epipens or one epipen and a small bottle of antihistamine. They may also be suitable for carrying other medications too. They are light, comfortable and fashionable. You can wear it around the waist, across the shoulder, or looped through a belt. The strap is fully detachable and can be ordered in three different adjustable lengths. They all use a zipper enclosure. On the inside is an tag for medical and identification information.

Made from durable neoprene (wetsuit material) or cordura (extremely tough). The pouches can be gently handwashed in warm water or wash in a mesh bag on gentle cycle.

Kozyepi Epipen Pouches should not be exposed to extremes of temperature. They are designed to keep the medication at a temperature between 15-30 degrees celcius. The Kozyepi Epipen Pouch should not be kept in a hot car or in direct sunlight, and when worn by the child, should also be kept out of direct sunlight by wearing underneath a t-shirt. In cold weather, the pouch should also be tucked under a jumper or jacket.

Your kids will love them!

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