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Does your child have an allergy?

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'star allergy alerts' are a colourful, modern range of badges, stickers and children's t-shirts. Our allergy alert products are designed to increase awareness of allergies and medical conditions. They are bright, fun and comfortable for your child to wear PLUS they send a clear alert message to everyone that your child comes into contact with.

"It's a fun practical way to help increase awareness about your child's food allergy or medical condition."

Allergy Awareness Products for Kids!

Allergy Alert - Stop food allergies - please don't feed me

Your child will love to wear our allergy badges, allergy stickers and allergy t-shirts!

Allergies can be life threatening! About 40% of us have an allergic disease, including asthma, eczema, food allergies and hay fever.

Our allergy alert products are designed to increase allergy awareness and help protect your child from well-meaning offerings that could put your child in danger.

Our bright allergy alert t-shirts, stickers and badges give you peace of mind when you can't be there. Perfect for Day Care, Kindy, School, Camps, Parties and Sleep-overs. Everyone will know!

Our product range includes: Allergy alert badge and sticker packs - Allergy alerts kids t-shirts - Allergy alert mutlipacks