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Starry Night BLACK Epipen Pouch

Starry Night BLACK Epipen Pouch

Product description

The pouch holds two auto-injectors and is light, comfortable and fashionable. You can wear it around the waist, across the shoulder, or looped through a belt. The strap is fully detachable and can be ordered in three different adjustable lengths. They all use a zipper enclosure. On the inside is an tag for medical and identification information.

Product details

Size: 19 1/2 cms long x 7 1/2 cms deep
Style: Black and white pattern with yellow stars
Strap sizes: children (S - 33 to 60cms), teenagers (M - 42 to 80cms) and adults(L - 65 to 124cms)
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Price: $ 49.95 AU + postage and handling

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